Professional Development

Goal:  Keep members informed of the value and benefits of membership while expanding their knowledge and education in real estate.

     *  Through education motivate agents to be more proactive, honest and display integrity.

     *  Provide  Continuing education opportunities on the topic of the Code of Ethics and professional standards enforcement.

     *  Encourage participation and attendance at State and National meetings.

Consumer Outreach

Goal:  The Talladega Board of REALTORS® shall interact with the consumer through promotion and community engagement to improve the public perception of the REALTORS®.

Strategy 1:  Earn Consumer confidence by being the voice for eal estate in its market ara and protecting the value of home ownership.

     *  Be the Voice for Real Estate in the area by publishing market statistics and Tips on Selling and buying real property in the area, media as well as through social media.

     *  Develop the Consumer Website and promote to the Members as well as to the Consumers and links that are available.

     *  Raise the awareness of the consumer of the benefits the Board delivers to equip the member with tools to assist the consumer, as well as the Board looking out for the betterment of the consumer through an advertising campaign.

Strategy 2.  Continue to support the Talladega Area through support of community programs and promotion of engagement of the REALTORS® in the community.

Sustain the following Community programs and promote to the members and the community of the REALTOR® efforts in the following -

     *  Area schools and sport activities sponsored by the Board.

Member Services/Member Involvement

Goal:  Ensure that the Talladega Board of REALTORS® increase value through the offering of association programs and services that encourage member involvement.

     *  Increase participation and involvement in the Board with increased communication efforts to the members.

     *  Enhance the relationship with the new affiliate members as well as recruit new affiliate members enhancing benefits of participation.

     *  Provide Incentives for Members to adopt an affiliate for a day to bring to a general membership luncheon.   

     *  Have each member call a member who is not participating with the board and bring them to the meeting. 

     *  Rotate meetings and activities from North to South to increase coverage and participation.

Strategy 2:  Educate the Broker on issues and activities to enhance their profession by  bridging the gap between the Association and the Brokers.

     *  Educate brokers on their responsibilities to their agents and the required accountability.

​     *  Raise the awareness of the benefits and awareness of the Board.

Mission Statement - 

The Talladega Board of REALTORS® is the partner with its Members to enhance professionalism and economic prosperity for real estate in the community.  


2015 Strategic Plan

Talladega County Board of REALTORS®


Goal:  Keep the members informed and educated on the available data and technology to provide them with the tools to be the "Trusted Advisor".

     *  Enhance the website and links for REALTORS® and Consumers.

     *  Up to date training on MLS tools available to members

​     *  Engage social media through Facebook with the members and the Consumers.


Goal:  Create a culture of advocacy to be a unified voice on behalf of private property rights in order to maintain a positive legislative and regulatory environment

Strategy 1:  Improve ARPAC participation by educating REALTOR®. members the value of ARPAC.

 with elected officials.

     *  Updates at the General Membership meeting on activities from City Councils and Planning and Zon

     *  Promote involvement in ARPAC as an investment, not solely as fundraising.

     *  Include recommended ARPAC investment on dues billing statements.

     *  Continue to provide training tools for Members on value of contributing to ARPAC.

Strategy 2:  Increase visibility and influence of the Talladega Board of REALTORS®.

​     *  Updates at the General Membership meeting on activities from City Councils and Planning and Zoning.

Strategy 3:  Engage the REALTOR®. to mobilize and support candidates and issues impacting real estate on a Federal, State and Local Level.

     *  Promote and educate members on how to use the Call to Action system.

     *  Promote ARPAC to Members with REALTOR®.Party resources.

     *  Inform members on legislative and regulatory issues with links on website.

     *  Coordinate candidate interview

​     *  Coordinate Shelter Town Hall Forums inviting the public.